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  • Introduction

    KY-SCI-80 is belongs to the class of anionic surfactant. suitable for use in the manufacture of mild surfactant preparation, such as shampoos, face washing、baby bath, and personal hygiene product.It has very good foaming properties, almost similar to the soap, the foam structure is fine and stable.

    INCI  Name

        Sodium  Cocoyl  Isethionate

    CAS  No.



    ●Provides abundant and desirable foam in all kind of e surfactants formula,, the foam smooth, shine, For last long time.

    ●Lower irritant and mild to shampoos, body washes and other cleansing formulations.

    ●Not easy soluble in cool water ,So it can make bar face cleanser..

    ●Compatible with virtually all commercial nonionic, anionic and amphoteric surfactants as well as with a wide array of popular additives and conditioning agents, such as cationic polymers.

    ●As a emulsifier of lauric acid, myristic acid, palmitive acid and stearic acid. Lower the pH of soap products, Improve the stability of  the soap of fatty acid.

    ●Good skin feel, easy to rinse off


    ●     Acidic shampoo,foam shower and other cleansers.

    ●     Alkaline  soap shower and soap face cleanse.

    ●     Mild ,nonirritant baby product

    ●     Personal care clean products..

    ●     Soap-based cleansing systems.


    ●     Mild to skin and eyes

    ●     Excellent foam in hard or soft water

    ●     Imparts a soft after feel to skin or hair

    ●     Based on fatty acids from natural, renewable coconut oil

    ●     High active (80%) solid   

    ●     Biodegradable

    ●     Perfect for solid cleansing bars

    ●     Yields opaque and creamy shampoo, body wash or other products when used with other surfactants.


    1:Foam  Face  Cleanser.

         Name                    %

    Water                     55.9

    Glycerin                  5

    KY-SCI-80               22

    KY-EGDS                 6

    KY-SF-1                   4

    Water                      4

    KOH                       0.9

    Water                     0.9

    KY-CAB-35               6

    DMDMH                  0.3

    Perfume                  q.s


    1:First use water to disperse KY-SF-1(1:1) and KOH(1:1) individually, add glycerin in left water, then heat to85℃,add KY-SCI-80,stir to dissolve. add KY-EGDS in another batch, also heat to85℃to melt. add oil phase in water phase. Stir.

    2:Add KY-SF-1 and KOH, Cool slowly.

    3:After pearlsing, add KY-CAB-35,then DMDMH and perfume. stir.

    2:Foam  Face  Cleanser (cheaper)
    Name                          %

    Water                         56.8

    Sodium Chloride           2.5

    AES                             7

    KY-SCI-80                    8

    KY-EGDS                     8

    KY-SF-1                       5

    Water                          5

    KOH                            0.7

    Water                          0.7

    KY-CAB-35                    6

    DMDMH                       0.3

    Perfume                       q.s


    1:First use water to disperse KY-SF-1(1:1) and KOH(1:1) individually, add Sodium Chloride and AES in left water, then heat to85℃,add KY-SCI-80 and KY-EGDS , Stir.

    2:Add KY-SF-1 then KOH, Cool slowly.

    3:After pearlise, add KY-CAB-35,then DMDMH and perfume. stir.

    3:Soap  Shower  Cream
    Name                           %
    Water                          69.1

    Glycerin                       2.5

    KY-SCI-80                     3

    KY-EGDS                       2

    KOH                            2.95

    Stearic Acid                   1.5

    Lauric Acid                     7

    KY-SF-1                         4.5

    Water                            4.5

    KY-BS-12                       12

    Kathon CG                     0.1

    Perfume                        q.s


    1:First use water to disperse KY-SF-1(1:1) and KOH(1:1) individually, add glycerin in left water, then heat to85℃,add KY-SCI-80,stir to dissolve. Add KOH, then Stearic Acid and Lauric Acid

    2:add KY-SF-1,maintain85℃,add KY-EGDS

    Stir. then Cool slowly

    3:After pearlsing, add KY-BS-12,then Kathon and perfume. stir.

    Safety  Information

    Test                        Classification

    ü  Acute Oral Toxicity          Non-Toxic

    ü  Acute Dermal Toxicity     Non-Toxic

    ü  Primary Eye irritation      Slight Irritant

    Storage  Warranty  Period

    The warranty period is 24 months from date of delivery from KIYU of stored in the original unopened container at 40oC.



  • Application:

    1.Used in soap:
    The advantages of using in soap: One is it has better capability of resisting softening. The other is, it can reduce the PH value of the soap,mildness and low irritancy, it is the best raw material for producing neutral soap.
    2.Used in cleanser:
    It is mildness and it can generate rich and delicate foam,remove dirt efficiently.And SCI has super fat,powerfully penetrating into skin.It can make your skin white and charming for long time use.
    3.Used in shower gel:
    Except for generating rich and delicate foam,it has significant function of decreasing slippery,completely it eliminating oily
    sensation which appears after using traditional shower gel.And it can keep your skin soft and lustrous.
    4.Used in shampoo:
    Mild and low irritancy SCI replaces the departed surfactants which have poisonous substance.It can protect and treat hair more safety.

  • Name :KY-SCI-80

    INCI name/CAS number: INCI: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
    <br />CAS:61789-32-0
    Appearance : white flake solid Role:KY-SCI-80 is an anionic mild surfactant specifically designed for use in personal cleansing products, such as shampoos, face washing, baby bath, and personal hygiene product. It has excellent moisturizing quality and mild cleansing quality. It is effective in hard water and electrolyte solutions. It is compatible with soap and gives excellent lime-soap dispersibility in order to retard the formation of scum in bar soaps Contact us Now More >>
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