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  • Description Specifications
  • Product  Description

    KY-LSH-35 is a high performance zwitterionic surfactant. It is also a glycerin-free amphoteric
    surfactant in the sultaine class. It exhibits outstanding surface activity, wetting, foaming, and
    compatibility in a wide variety of applications. It is compatible with anionic, nonionic, amphoteric
    and cationic surfactants used in cosmetics.

    As amphoteric surfactant,is compatible with all common surfactant classes used in cosmetics,with anionic surfactants,such as fatty alcohol (sulfates & fatly alcohol ether sulfates le.g.AES) & soaps,and also non-ionic surfactants.

    KY-LSH-35 has good foaming properties,admost similar to these of sodium lauryl ether sulfates,The foam structure is fine & stable.In this context we would like to draw your attention to the fact that both fatty alcohol sulfate & ether sulfate foam are more quickly destroyed by soap.

    This property makes this products interesting for modern formulations,such as gel-shampoos,face cleanser in gel-form,etc.

    A  dosage of between 5-10% is sufficient for normal shampoo formula to obtain a good softening effect, which makes the hair supple, easy to manage & prevents the “fly-away”effect, without causing  excessive  build-up on the hair.

    KY-LSH-35  has  a  mild  germicidal  effect, This  germicidal  effect  alone,  and  also combinations  with  quaternary  ammonium  compounds makes  this  product  interesting  for use in the manufacture of special cosmetics.

    It has excellent stability in alkaline & acid media over a wide pH-range.

    As an amphoteric surfactant with betaine structure, this product is cationic in the form of  its  inner  salt  when  the  pH-range  and  in  strongly  acid  solutions, (under  pH  5), This and germicidal effect.hormally  attributed  to  cationic  products,being  more  pronounced  in  the  acid  range.
             The properties of low salt, low irritation, resistance to hard-water and anti-calcium soap, makes it
    widely used in baby wash products and shampoos.

    INCI Name

    Lauramidopropyl Hydroxysultaine

    CAS  No.






    Storage  Warranty  Period

    The  warranty  period  is  24  months  from  date  of  delivery  from  KIYU  of  stored  in  the  original  unopened  container  at  40℃.



    200kg∕plastic  barrel

  • Product   Data  Sheet

    Appearance:                        Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

    ● Odor:                                 Typical

    ● pH (5%aq) :                      4.5-7.5

    Active substance(%):       30.0±2.0

    Sodium Chloride content(%):     5.0-7.0

    ● Free-amine content (%):    MAX 0.50

    ● Germs(cfu/g):                    MAX 100

    ● Mould(cfu/g):                    MAX 100


    Toxic  Substances  Standard

    Hg                  ≤1 mg/kg

    Pb                  ≤10 mg/kg

    As                   ≤2 mg/kg

       Cd                   ≤5 mg/kg


    Safety  Information

    Test                       Classification

    √Acute Oral Toxicity           Non-Toxic

    √Acute Dermal Toxicity       Non-Toxic

    √Primary Eye irritation      Slight Irritant.

  • Name :KY-LSH-35

    INCI name/CAS number: 椰油酰胺丙基羟基磺基甜菜碱
    <br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
    Appearance : Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid Role:Mild, foam rich, fine and stable, highly effective thickening, showing cationic characteristics in the personal care formulations. Contact us Now More >>
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